MedCLIK Download
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MedCLIK Installation Instructions
 Pre requisits
  • Windows OS ( XP having Servicepack 2 / windows vista /windows 7 )
 Steps to Install MedCLIK
  • After filling all fields click on 'Download Now' button (MedCLIK.zip - 40MB file)
  • Extract the downloaded file, it will explore the MedCLIK Intallation files
  • Click on setup.exe file to install MedCLIK
  • After Installation a shortcut will be created on desktop (Shortcut to MedCLIK.exe)
  • Open the shortcut, it will Show a window for enter user details
  • Enter Name, Email, Place and Phone Number
  • There are three options (Continue, Buy Now and Get Full Version )
  • Clik Continue button to run MedCLIK trial version
  • Clik Buy Now button to purchase MedCLIK
  • Clik 'Get full Version' to Register MedCLIK full version