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  Clinic1 is the easy way to incorporate IT in your clinic. It provides the tools and features based on Global Best Practices. It incorporates all the features required for your clinic . Front office (Patient Registration, Appointment) Patients Records Prescription Module Integrated MedCLIK Drug Data Base for Drug alerts and drug to drug interactions.

MCI has mandated that all prescriptions incorporate the Brand and it's Generic name in BOLD CAPITAL letters. This is possible through CLINIC1.

Expand by adding extra Doctor/s, Pharmacy, Lab etc to your Clinic as it grows. The MedCLIK Drug Reference database ensure that medication errors are avoided. 
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  MedCLIK Electronic Drug Reference (MDR) is India's first and #1 solution developed exclusively for Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies.MedCLIK Electronic Drug Reference (MDR) provides user friendly instant access to accurate, authoritative, updated, reliable drug information.MDR provides Drug to Drug Interaction, Indication, Contra Indication, MOA, etc.  
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