Connected Clinic Solution - Yearly Subscription Model.
  • Clinic 1 is the instant way to incorporate IT in your clinic.
  • It provides the tools and features based on the Global best practices.
  • It incorporates all the features required for your clinic .
  • Front office (Patient Registration)
  • Patients Records
  • Prescription Module
  • Integrated MedCLIK Drug Reference (MDR)
  • Database for Drug alerts and drug to drug interactions.
  • Web based backup (optional)
  • Expand the clinic solution as your practice / clinic grows
Extra Modules
  • Additional Doctor Licences
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab
  • SMS Module
The MedCLIK Drug Database ensures that patient safety is taken care for you. The innovative Clinic1 helps you to concentrate on your clinic practice, while your heathcare IT needs are taken care of at a pricing affordable to you as your clinic grows. You can increase the number of users over time or even add a pharmacy module anytime.
  • Value for Money subscription based pricing
  • Web based backup
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Expand as you grow
Pharmacy / Lab / SMS Modules extra.
There would be a onetime integration charge of INR 1500 in addition to charges of these modules - when taken at a later date.
Yearly Subscription Model.
INR 1000/Month
Front Office +

  (delivery within India only)
Cash / Cheque / ATM

  (International delivery for 1 Licence)
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Can I Use Any Computer?
Clinic is designed to run on a 32/64 bit Windows Operating System which are currently supported by Microsoft.

How Long Will It Take Me To Learn The Program?
If you've never used a computer - don't worry! This is the program that many doctors have cut their teeth on. Clinic1 has been written intuitively to suit the needs of busy Doctors. You will find the program works the way you think and you'll be writing scripts within minutes.

For further details contact us at sales@medclik.com.