Drug information Inadequate drug information, such as outdated or limited references, is one of the most common causes of medication errors, with 35 percent of preventable adverse drug events caused by lack of drug information, according to one study. More than half of these events occurred because of a lack of drug information at the time of prescribing.
MedCLIK-Digital Drug Reference
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MedCLIK Online
India’s #1 Digital Drug Reference
@ Rs.1500 For One Year Subscription
MedCLIK Electronic Drug Reference (MDR) is India’s first and #1 solution developed exclusively for Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies

MedCLIK Electronic Drug Reference (MDR) provides user friendly instant access to accurate, authoritative, updated, reliable drug information

MedCLIK (MDR) provides searches on prescription drug brands, generics, prices, active ingredients; Pharmacology – dosages, mechanism of action (MOA), indications, contraindications, drug – drug interactions and more.

MedCLIK Drug Reference (MDR) - One Year Subscription. Online updating of drug reference.
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Credit/Debit Cards/Online Banking
(International Delivery for 1 Licence)
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MedCLIK - Features
  • Search drug content by Generic or Brand names, or by Index, Drug Groups and Diseases, Manufacturers, Prices etc.
  • Pharmacology - Drug-to-Drug Interactions, Dosages, Contraindications, Adverse Reactions, Mechanism of Action, and more
  • Database includes regularly updated information of over 75,000 drugs across 114 therapeutic classes
  • Helps the doctor know the drugs the patient is on , when a new patient comes who is already on medication
  • Provides you with the critical information you need, when you need it
  • Updated information on Latest Brands introduced in Indian market including Drug Formulations
  • Offers simplicity with an intuitive, menu-driven interface.
  • Drug Contents updated on a Bimonthly basis
  • Provides immediate access to critical Drug Reference information on your Desktop or Laptop Computers.
  • Compliance with latest M.C.I regulations
  • Ensures ease of use for busy physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Reduces risk of drug-drug interactions and other related medical errors
  • Reduced likeliness of Adverse Patient Occurrences (A.P.Os)

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