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 Manufacturer Cipla Limited
 Generic Salbutamol + Guaiphenesin
 About Salbutamol + Guaiphenesin More details.....
 Dosage Adults: 10 to 20 ml thrice daily Childrens: 6 12 year: 10 ml thrice daily Under 6 years: 5 to 10 ml thrice daily .. ....More details.....
 Pregnancy Use with caution
 Breast Feeding Since guaiphenecin contraindicated, so the combination of generic contraindicated in breast feeding
 Indications Cough associated with bronchitis Bronchial asthma Emphysema and other broncho-pulmonary disorders where bronchospasm, mucous plugging and problems o....More details.....
Substitute Brand's of ASTHALIN EXPECTORANT
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